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We carry all the major brands for all your gardening needs.

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Time to Mulch!

Mulching will Retain Moisture, Control Weed Growth & Insulates Soil. We carry Bags of Pine Bark Mulch in Mini Nuggets and Fine Spread. All bags are Two Cubic Foot Size, so One Bag can Cover up to Twelve Square Feet (at a 2" Depth)

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Aquatic Plants in North Central Florida

AQUATIC PLANTS IN NORTH CENTRAL FLORIDA Aquatic plants are referred to as hydrophytes because they have adapted to living in aquatic environments. In Florida, there are many aquatic plants in wetlands, ponds, and lakes. These plants are easy to take care of and grow best in water or in soil that absorbs water. Most aquatic plants do well in full …

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Succulents & Drought Tolerant Plants

Succulents are classified as Xeriscape Plants for there drought tolerance and moderate to high light requirements. Along with Cacti, most …

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Holly Ferns | 20% OFF 3G Varieties

20% Off All 3G Varieties of Holly Ferns! Cyrtomium falcatum Cold hardy evergreen fern Grows in clumps 2 – 3 …

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Xandu Philodendron | 20% OFF 7G Variety

All 7G Xandu Philodendron are 20% Off this Week! Xandu Philodendron are a lush and tropical looking perennial with a …

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Gardenia Advert

Gardenia Collection | 20% Off 7G Gardenias

20% Off Entire Selection of 7G Gardenias. Including: Frost Proof Gardenia, Belmont Gardenia, August Beauty Gardenia, and Vetchii.   The …

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Spring Time Vegetables | 20% Off Selection

20% Off Entire Selection of Vegetable Starts Fresh Weekly Shipments | GMO Free | Local Farmers   We offer the …

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Muscadine Grapes 1786x938

Growing Grapes | 20% Off Muscadines!

20% Off All Muscadine Grapes Growing Grapes in North Central Florida Let’s face it. Our region is not known for …

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Blueberry Woodard 3264x1812

Blueberry Cultivation | 20% Off Selection

Growing Blueberries in North Central Florida can be very easy to do. You can enjoy several months of blueberry harvest, …

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Crape Myrtle Blossum 2102x1254

About Crape Myrtles | 20% Off Selection

Crape Myrtles are a wonderful way to add color to your landscape. These flowering trees are beautifully colored and are …

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