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Flowering Trees

Trees are an important part of Florida's ecosystem. There are plenty of good reasons to plant trees and we have plenty of trees to plant.


The plants on these lists are not always available.

Flowering Trees

  • Buckeye Chestnut
  • Bottlebrush, Slim
  • Bottlebrush, Little John
  • Cassia, Falls
  • Chickasaw Plum
  • Dogwood
  • Golden Rain Tree
  • Martha Jane Nectarine
  • Martha Jane Nectarine
  • Magnolia, Japanese, Ann
  • Magnolia, Japanese, Jane
  • Magnolia, Southern, DD Blanchard
  • Magnolia, Southern, Little Jem
  • Redbud
  • Redbud, Forest Pansy
  • Taiwan Cherry
  • Vitex, Shoal’s Creek (Chaste)

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