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Gift Items

No matter the season there is always someone in your life that deserves a gift! Where can you go to find some nick nacks? Why, Garden Gate Nursery of course! We carry a wide array of indoor pots for bonsai, orchids and general purpose planting.







The Items are not always available.

We’ve also got African Violet pots for the avid collectors. These pots are self watering and help African Violet owners avoid the crown rot issues that can come with watering African Violets. Of course their use is not limited to African Violets.

Our wind chimes are fine tuned and can keep the air aflutter with some lovely sounds or hang in a nice corner to add some color. These chimes are high quality in sound production and material composition.

The Pathway Cards available at Garden Gate Nursery are hand painted and come with a bit of poetry inside. Both from local artists. These are non-occasional cards and can be tailored to whatever event you want.

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