Aquatic Plants in North Central Florida


Aquatic plants are referred to as hydrophytes because they have adapted to living in aquatic environments. In Florida, there are many aquatic plants in wetlands, ponds, and lakes. These plants are easy to take care of and grow best in water or in soil that absorbs water. Most aquatic plants do well in full sun; however, certain ones such as the Horsetail or the Aquatic Leatherleaf fern do handle shade well. Some water lilies can also do partial shade for 3 to 4 hours such as the Panama Pacific Water Lily.

Water_Lily_AWe carry a large variety of Aquatic plants here at Garden Gate. These beautiful plants are sure to add a splash of color and uniqueness to any aquatic landscape. Aquatic plants are perfect for ponds or aquariums because it provides a natural source of food and shelter for fish. It’s easy to create an engaging aquatic landscape by using a variety of aquatic plants.


We carry many aquatic plants and currently here are some we keep in stock:

[one_half]Blue Flag Iris
Carla’s Sonshine
Cattail, Dwarf
Crushed Ice Arrowhead
Golden Club
Horsetail Plant
Horsetail, Dwarf
Hibiscus, Moscheutos
Hibiscus, Mallow
Japanese Iris, Variegated
Lemon Bacopa
Monkey Flower
Montevidensis Sagittaria
Mosaic Plant
Obedient Plant
Papyrus Little Tut
Pickered Rush, Blue
Pickeral Weed[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Rose Mallow
Spider Lily
Spider Lily, variegated
Thalia Dealbata
Thalia Geniculata
Thailand Giant Taro
Water Lily ‘Islamorada’
Water Lily ‘Lindsey Woods’
Water Lily ‘Moonbean’
Water Lily ‘Panama Pacific’
Water Lily ‘Stan Skinger
Water Lily ‘Star of Zanibar’
Water Lily ‘Tropical Punch’
Water Celery, Variegated
White Lava Taro
White Snowflake[/one_half_last]

Come on by to Garden Gate Nursery and visit our Aquatic plant section. It is located at the East end of the nursery near the 43rd street fence.

[fancy_images width=”185″ height=”185″]
[image caption=”Blue Pickered Rush”][/image]
[image caption=”Montevidensis Sagittaria”][/image]
[image caption=”Water Lily ‘Tropical Punch'”][/image]


by RILEY SABBACK, Contributing Writer