Japanese Maples in Gainesville


Japanese Maples are unique woody trees grown and cultivated throughout the southern-most regions of the United States, as well as Eastern Asia. Our Grafted Japanese Maples have been joined together along the trunk; with the rootstock being the hardy Green-leaf Japanese Maple and the top-half becoming various beautiful species that are sure to take your breath away. These types of tree provide a colorful and tropical addition to any landscape because there leaves pigments change color with the seasons. Most well developed trees in this category have leaves that are red or green in the spring months and slowly transform over the fall. This show of color is concluded during their deciduous winter months. In partial sun to filtered light, they are capable of growing anywhere from three to twenty feet depending on the variety.

Japanese_Maple_D Japanese_Magnolia

Planting Grafted Japanese Maples When planting your Japanese Maple, decide on an area in your yard with good drainage. Once they become established, these self-sufficent beauties become extremely drought tolerant and have relatively low light requirements. There ideal light requirements would be a few good hours of morning sun and a substantial amount of shade in the afternoons.

Available in 3 Gallon, 7 Gallon, and 15 Gallon Sizes

Currently our assortment of Japanese maples in stock are: Japanese_Maples_D

‘Crimson Queen’
‘Emperor 1’
‘Inaba Shidare’
‘Red Baron
‘Red Sentinel’
‘Ruth’s Red’
‘Twombly’s Red Sentinel’
‘Winter Red’

Come on by to Garden Gate Nursery to see our Grafted Japanese Maple collection. They are located on the Eastern side of the nursery, near the Gazebo.