Gardenia Collection | 20% Off 7G Gardenias

Gardenia_Frost_Proof_blog20% Off Entire Selection of 7G Gardenias.

Including: Frost Proof Gardenia, Belmont Gardenia, August Beauty Gardenia, and Vetchii.


The Gardenia selection in the south eastern United States is one of the most impressive in the country. All across Florida, Georgia, and Alabama a keen observer can spot lovely Frostproof, Belmont, August Beauty or Radicans specimens in the landscaping of homes, businesses, and in the wild. You can usually point them out in covered areas with a few hours of good morning sun, the mildest sun in the Florida summers. For this reason, Gardenias make great additions to the Eastern sides of landscapes. They also do very well as container plants, and several unique varieties can be planted in ceramic or talevera pottery.


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All varieties of our South Eastern Gardenias are available in 1G, 3G, and 7G sizes. This week all 7G varieties are on sale for 20% off. Thats right, all 7G Frost Proof, Vetchii, Belmont, and August Beauty are 20% off!

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