Xandu Philodendron | 20% OFF 7G Variety


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Xandu Philodendron are a lush and tropical looking perennial with a natural mounding formation that work well in North Central Florida.

With a moderate growth rate, Xandu Philodendrons can reach heights of three feet tall to a width of five feet. Like other Philodendons, Xandus prefer areas with partial sun to shade.

Xandus should be installed in a well-drained area and compliment your existing soil with peat moss or cow manure. It is important to water them regularly, while allowing time to dry out in-between waterings. Try to fertilize three times per year with a quality granular fertilizer.

Xandus should be spaced at least three feet apart to ensure proper growth formation. They also will do well in a container with the right amount of moisture, and can be acclimated to grow indoors.

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